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power attenuators for the valve junior

    Let’s face it.  We all know the Valve Junior cranks out 5 watts of sweet tube power into various loads depending on what speaker impedance your driving, but 5 watts of tube power is a hell of a lot louder than any solid-state 5 watts.  Check out any review of the Valve Junior and you will soon discover that it is the loudest 5 watts you will ever hear.  Part of the Valve Junior’s mojo comes from the sweet round distortion added as the power tube starts to break-up.  The byproduct of this, is the loudest 5 watts you will ever hear!  Unfortunately, for those who do not have the luxury of letting your Valve Junior move that kind of air due neighbors, children, or just an intolerant mate... we have solution.

    We now offer power attenuators for the Valve Junior in 16, 8, and 4 ohm varieties.  The attenuator is switchable so you are able to maintain your stock Valve Junior 5 watt output or cut the output power to the speaker approximately 70 precent while still pushing the output tube hard and never compromising the sweet  distortion that the power tube adds to the Valve Junior’s overall tonal equation.  Your neighbors will appreciate it and might find yourself appearing less in court for noise violations.  So, if you need to turn it down and still want that mystical power tube distortion in your tone, then you may want to consider a power attenuator for the speaker impedance your Valve Junior is driving.  The attenuator can be installed inside the Valve Junior with some drilling or order one that is a standalone unit in its own enclosure to maintain the virginity of your Valve Junior.  Please e-mail: b5amps@me.com for further details.



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