S. S. tremolo


sweet and smooth tremolo -- a departure from the clamp

  Pictured above is the long awaited S. S. Tremolo module.  It actually should be listed on the Valve Junior Module page, as it was designed for specially for that amp.  However, as I started to design the module I thought it would be great to implement it into any tube amp.  Plus, I think it deserves its own page.  I wanted to add unique tremolo without needing another tube.  So, I designed it as such.  As you can see, it’s compact and does not take up a lot of space.  It derives its power from either the B+ supply, or from a lower voltage DC power supply if the host amp sports one.  It features a front panel LED indicator that pulses with the frequency of the phase shift oscillator, a nice visual feedback feature!  It’s also footswitchable and can be used in conjunction with a front panel switch.

  A common technique used in classic tremolo circuits is “clamping.”  Meaning, the oscillator clamps the audio signal to ground.  Which most of the time sounds pretty good, but sometimes it can sound abrupt and choppy if the oscillator’s waveform is deformed.  Some people may like it, but it’s not for everybody.  A traditional tremolo circuit acts as a variable potentiometer (or volume pot) that just sweeps back and forth at a set frequency, varying the signal’s amplitude that is amplified by the output amplifier.

  The S. S. Tremolo is a welcomed addition to any tube amp.  Installation is pretty straight-forward.  Available as a kit, preassembled module, or can be installed if you send you amp chassis in for modifications or repair.  S. S. Tremolo demo videos are in production and will be posted when complete


  1. -Kit: $65 plus shipping. Includes all parts for the module.  Hookup wire, footswitch, and front panel switch not included due to different amp variations.

  2. -Preassembled module: $85 plus shipping.  Hookup wire, footswitch, and front panel switch not included due to different amp variations.

  3. -In-shop installation will vary depending on make and model of the amp.

E-mail: b5amps@me.com to order or for more information.


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  The S. S. Tremolo is complete departure from the traditional clamping technique.  Instead, it actually varies the gain of a particular gain stage by controlling the gain of a stage at a set frequency via the speed control.  Which is why the speed control is the only control on the S. S. Tremolo..  The result is really quite amazing -- sweet and smooth best summarizes it.