phat Lisa


Phat Lisa is a singer and songwriter.  She and co--writer Doug Neil recorded this song in a modest bedroom sized project studio.  Using B5 modified Valve Junior Heads through a stock Epiphone 12” cabinet and a Shure SM-57 microphone on cone.  Lisa achieved her chimmy rhythm tracks using a 1988 Strat Plus with gold Fender Lace sensors through a VJR head with the Gain Station mod set to the Red Hot position.

Doug Neil conjures his hypnotic accompaniment using a 1997 Gem Series Gibson Les Paul Studio with P-90 soapbars through a B5 modified VJR head sporting the Gain Station and Sat Fat modules. The head set to for Tweed tone proceeded by an unidentified uni-vibe pedal.   Doug’s blistering lead parts was achieved through the same guitar and head using the White Hot position with the Sat Fat Circuit engaged proceeded by a DOD FX-17 Wah/Volume pedal.

your fool

The only thing FAT about Lisa... is her tone and voice!

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