custom turret and eyelet boards


  B5 fabricates its own turret and eyelet boards. These boards are great for modifications and circuit prototyping and support all the Valve Junior mods or any amp you might have in mind.  Built on sturdy 1/8” Garolite, they are direct drop-in boards and all sport pre-tined brass turrets/eyelets and high quality Belden Micalex tube sockets if applicable.  These boards can take the high temperature beatings that a soldering iron inflicts during component installation and de-installation.  Unlike the stock amplifier PCBs, these boards will stand up to countless mods that a you care to dish out. Since the turrets and eyelets are pre-tined, solder flows nice and even. Solder flows best where solder has been before.  Sound advice in the art of soldering!

  The boards comes with three turret/eyelet configurations. Depending on what you prefer and how you plan on using the board. Eyelets are the easiest to work with if your your doing a lot of mods or circuit prototype. They are also the least expensive of the three. Single turrets and double turrets are best used for refined circuit configurations and look classy as well.  It’s all really a matter of personal choice.

  I am pleased to introduce a Valve Junior direct drop-in board with a DC filament supply and high voltage low-noise bridge rectifier built right on the board.  The board has the same dimensions as the stock PCB but has the convenience of a well filtered DC filament power supply and an ultra-fast recovery high voltage bridge rectifier.  It all amounts to a dead quiet amp. AC and audio don’t mix and your average 1N4007 rectifier diode is pretty noisy.  There are many advantages to consider: A separate DC supply would have to be constructed and mounted else where in the chassis; A separate mod would have to be performed to upgrade the high voltage rectifier; no AC wondering about the circuit to introduce noise; it is all built in to a sturdy turret/eyelet board that has the same dimensions as the stock PCB and capable of handling what mods you can throw at it.  It comes pre-wired to the tube sockets and to the first node points of the power supply and pigtail connections with spade connectors and heat shrink sleeves for both AC inputs so you keep your Valve Junior stock if you wish. Just drop in and plug into the power transformer.  How cool is that?

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Custom turret and eyelet boards

  Wether you are building a Champ, 18 watt Plexi, or a 5E3 Tweed, I have the board for you.

  My new drop-in board for the Valve Junior sports a DC filament power power supply and low-noise high voltage bridge rectifier for a dead quiet amp. Two must have upgrades on the same size board as your stock PCB!