Tube vibrato


    What is so cool about the Valve Junior,  it’s pretty-much an easy to modify Fender Champ, minus the gain-sucking tone controls.   The Vibro-Champ really had it made, as it had foot-switchable vibrato incorporated into the this classic amp.  Now, if it could only loose those previously-mentioned gain-sucking tone controls.  So, why not add that cool vibrato “vibe” to the Valve Junior?  It does not have any tone controls siphoning gain and there is plenty of real-estate inside the VJR to support this cool mod.  Yes, it does involve the addition of an 12AX7 tube, but the VJR  can easily support this welcome addition.

    A lot of people are squeamish when it comes to drilling into the chassis or coming close to the high voltage of the B+, but that is completely understandable.  However, if you can drill some holes and solder a few connections and supply a 12AX7 tube then you can do this mod.  The Vibrato Module takes the pain out of this modification for you.  As always, if you feel uncomfortable installing this modification, we can always do it for you.

    As with most of the B5 modifications, they are built to order.  E-mail for more information or to place one on order.        


Classic tube vibrato for the Valve Junior

  This trailer/sound clip was recorded dry with no signal processing using a very modest setup.  A B5 modified VJR head (B-2 build) with the Vibrato Module installed.  A three single coil pickup telecaster through a stock Epiphone 112 cabinet with a 12” “Lady Luck” speaker, a Rode condenser mic just of the cone with the volume on the VJR set the 10 o’clock position.

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