fat boy 5


  Another amp I like is the Blues Junior.  So, I developed a special “Sat Fat Circuit” for the The Fat Boy V (FBV).  Think of it as the Valve Junior’s rather obese sibling.   Fat with tone and EQ versatility.  Conceived from the basic foundation of the Valve Junior,  it has been completely stripped down and redesigned.  It barks the classic “Tweed” tone, and the sweet spank of a “Blackface”, but has enough gain to get down right nasty.  The FBV sports B5 Amplification’s unique “Sat Fat Circuit”, a hefty DC filament power supply for dead quiet operation and plenty of real estate on a hybrid turret/eyelet board for circuit expansion and modification. Its 2+1 structure does not load your tone down, but allows the guitarist to shape his/her tone via EQ post the preamp stages before making its way to the power tube for a heavy dose on power tube saturation.

  What makes the FBV sound and look so unique is not only its design, but the quality parts used in its construction.  From it’s one-of-a-kind adjustable aperture jewel lamp that invokes a nuclear symbol or a jack-o’-lantern appearance to some, to the mil spec power and standby switches, to the carefully selected output transformer, blue LED status indicator, and heavy gauge stainless steel screen for better ventilation and to view the warm orange tungsten glow as you conjure sweet thick tone from the bowels of its tubes . The FBV is unique in every sense!

  Some of the parts used in the construction of the FB5 are very unique. They are extremely are hard to find. We currently have enough of these parts to build a handful of these unique amps. So, if you have an interest in owning one of these unique amps, get on the short list today. They are built one at a time and made to order. Please e-mail: b5amps@me.com for further details and check out our Price List for pricing.

meet junior’s fat brother

The Fat Boy V is a super modified Valve Junior. In fact, the only thing original is the power transformer, chassis, and the enclosure. The rest is all redesigned hand-built 5 watt single-ended tube goodness!

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