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Most of our products are built to order.  Simply send us an e-mail with what you are interested in and we will send you a reply with an estimated completion date and final price.  Paypal is the best route to take to get the ball rolling.  A lot of our products get their unique tone mojo from some exotic and vintage parts that are hard to come by, hence the “price may vary” notes.  We are not trying to be mysterious, just realistic. 

Prices shown do not include shipping.  Shipping is calculated on weight. size, and zip code and will be provided upon order request or inquiry.  We try to keep things simple to keep cost down.  Ebay and Paypal will bleed you dry, this is why we prefer just using Paypay.  Hey, it’s quick and easy, and it’s better than paying them both.  We are always developing better and interesting tone enhancement products.  We usually post a “coming soon” page when a new product is close to release.  Check back often to see what is on the horizon and feel free to ask any questions or desire further information.  Thanks!

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songs with b5 tone in use

  1. 1.Your Fool (Phat Lisa)

  2. 2.Sucks To Be Me (Doug Neil)

  3. 3.VRL (The Wedge)

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