foot switches for total control


reverb, vibrato, mid-boost, fat, true bypass, and more

    I have done a lot of modifications to Fender Blues Juniors and thought it was pretty lame the FAT circuit is engaged by a small flimsy plastic button.  However, it can be engaged via a foot switch, but the ones Fender makes are a poor crop at best.  Even worse, they have no visual indication of what the switchable function is doing.  So, we built a few of these for Blues Junior owners and they seem to really love them.  It sports a rugged enclosure, a bright blue LED that can be seen in any environment and can interface with the amplifier with any standard guitar cable.

    Granted it cost a little more, but compared to what Fender is charging for a flimsy foot switch with no visual indication, it’s money well spent.

    Check out the “Super Switch” and the “FAT Pill.”  My latest switching designs for the Blues Junior FAT circuit and Reverb. Featuring bright LEDs visual indicators that requires NO batteries to operate!



    Take better control of your tone and your amp!  Please e-mail: for more information and check out our Price List for pricing.

    If you own effect pedals and don’t feel like drilling into your vintage Tube Screamer or classic effects and depreciating its value just because you want true bypass, then consider our true bypass foot switch.  It requires no modification to your pedals and can be custom built to bypass as many effects as you like.

  I also build custom built foot switches to activate reverb, vibrato, and tremolo on Fender amps, such as the Deluxe Reverb.  All sport bright LED indicators and have better switch spacing in a rugged enclosure.  Please e-mail: for more information or place your order. 

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    Not too many guitarist we know don’t like to have control over their tone.  In fact, we venture to say we know of none.  More and more guitarist are using Valve Juniors for giging.  You would be surprised just how effective this can be with a properly placed microphone.

    A popular setup is stereo Valve Juniors.  Each VJR is voiced differently, one brighter one darker, and one with effects.   This lends some serious wide tone!  However, it is quite cumbersome to control that huge tone while performing.  After numerous request for various control features for the Valve Junior, a range of amplifiers and effects pedals, we have designed some footswitches that will give the guitarist more control over their tone and amplifier.  As seen above, we custom build footswitches to meet the client’s needs.

    This nifty little footswitch can be built as an option for the new Mid-Boost module and Saturated Fat module.  Its small footprint makes it quite sturdy and a perfect fit onto crowded pedal boards or anywhere where space is at a premium.  It also sports a bright LED status indicator that can be seen in any environment.  This footswitch does NOT require batteries to operate!  Its power is provided by the module’s power.  Since the footswitch engages an electronic switching circuit locally in the amp, the signal never leaves the chassis.  So, no noise is induced by the footswitch cable.  Amplifiers will amplify noise if you let them, so we mitigate noise when possible for superior  low noise tone.

    The standard Mid-Boost and Saturated Fat modules use mechanical panel mounted toggle switches to activate their respected functions.  They are cheaper of course but do require manual intervention.  These modules now have an electronic switching option that can be controlled by this footswitch with LED status indicators on the footswitch and the front panel of the amp for better control and amp status during performance. 

    Hybrid switches can be built to activate different functions depending on what the amp has installed,  such as mid-boost and reverb, fat and vibrato...etc 

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