her majesty’s secret service

Classic UK distortion


    Pictured left is the prototype for Her Majesty’s Secret Service distortion pedal (HMSS).  The  tweaking is done and she is ready to serve!  I thought a transparent royal blue with an intricate quilted design would be appropriate for this simple but sophisticated pedal.  

    I was looking for something to cut right through a mundane amp without having to modify the whole amp just to get some decent tone out of it, and I do amp modifications all the time!  So, I thought it would be interesting to design some type of distortion that somebody with no technical background could just plug into their amp and immediately be confronted by raw british tone without having to waste time trying to dial it in.  Just engage the true-bypass footswitch and there it is!  No mods required.

    This pedal is rich in harmonics with just the right amount of midrange.  Pepper in some finely tuned highs and you can cut through the densest London fog.  Imagine what it could do for a less than stellar amp?  See price list or e-mail: b5amps@me.com for further information and check out the demo below.

    As always, to keep things simple and the tone as transparent as possible, here is the modest recording setup:

  1. -Stock Valve Junior Version1 Combo

  2. -Telecaster with the neck pickup

  3. -Rode condenser mic on cone

  4. -HMSS pedal set to ten O’clock

  5. -No signal processing used


Easily conjure classic british distortion with no hassle with B5 Amps Her Majesty’s Secret Service pedal. 

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