valve junior spring reverb


Real analog spring reverb for the valve junior

    The only prerequisite you need is a version 1 or 2 chassis. Really, you just need the right power transformer and in the VJR’s case, a version 1 or 2 power transformer does the trick.

    The modification consist of:  Two modules, a foot switch jack, and the reverb tank.  The power supply module, reverb module, and foot switch jack mount inside the chassis and the tank mounts in the cabinet.  This reverb modification can be applied to other platforms with some planning an forethought.  Any ground-referenced foot-switch can be used.  If you want footswitch with an LED status indicator, check out our custom foot-switches.

    To date, I have installed four Spring Reverb upgrades into Valve Juniors for different customers to their delight.  So, there are not many Valve Juniors out there right now with real spring reverb.  I perform this upgrade in-house.  I am considering making this upgrade available for purchase for those who wish to perform the modification themselves, depending on demand.  This modification is fairly easy to install because the modules are pre-built by hand and by me.  So there is some time and expense involved.  The price has yet to be determined.  I might even go with a kit if there is a lot of interest.  Please e-mail:

    Besides the B-2 Build, one of the popular builds I have been building for customers of late is the one featured below and in the sound clip featured on this page.  This particular amp was sent to me for modification.  It’s a version 2 combo with the new Mid-Boost module, switchable Adjustable Fixed-Bias and Cathode-Bias, Hammond output transformer, rare vintage Weber P8Q Alnico speaker, and obviously Spring Reverb.  I wish I did not have to send it back because this amp sounds so good!  There was a lot of high-end modifications done to this particular amp to give its tone, but well worth it in my mind and the customer as well.  It may look like a VJR, but it yields huge tone normally associated with bigger amps. Reaffirming, you get what you pay for.

    Real spring reverb for the VJR...indeed!  No digital modules like the "B-verb" here, just luscious round and warm analog spring reverb for the VJR combo or head.  Many VJR owners have been requesting real spring reverb because they were disappointed with the limited and sterile sound derived from a mathematical algorithm of the digital alternatives.  So, we designed a circuit to drive a spring reverb tank and capture the essence of the 60's Fenderish black-face reverb sound.  We wanted to keep it simple yet refined.  For total control and noise mitigation, we made it foot-switchable and added an onboard electronic switch so the signal never leaves the sanctuary of the chassis.  This keeps noise from being induced by the foot-switch cable acting as an antenna for 60 Hz and those obscure radio stations. We tried many configurations and found one that has the right balance of dry/wet at low and high volumes.  Check out the sound clip at the bottom right.

   The recording setup is simple and what you see above.  A tele, into the combo driving the stock Epiphone speaker cabinet with a 12” Lady Luck and a Rode condenser mic just off the cone.  The volume and reverb level is what you see on the amp and that is it.  The clip is simple percussive notes and chords to highlight the interaction of the springs.

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Nothing Like The Interaction of Real Springs For Reverb!

Compatible reverb tanks:

MOD 8EB2C1B (My preference)

Accutronics 8EB2C1B

Belton BS3EB2C1B