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    B5 Amplification specializes in tone modifications, design, and repair of many different amplifiers, effect pedals, and whole lot more.  KInd of like what BASF use to do. I don’t make the equipment you buy, I make the equipment you buy sound better.  I do build custom amps and pedals that are already refined.  So, no need for the BASF mantra on the B5 custom builds.  Please explore the website and feel to inquire about anything.  Even if you don’t see what you are looking for, chances are I can help.   E-mail: b5amps@me.com

    A lot of people want to do more mods than their stock PCB will allow.  A custom turret/eyelet board is the answer.  Check out my board options and custom turret/eyelet board with built-in DC filament power supply for low-noise and high gain applications on the Turret Board page.

    It would be nice to get 6V6 tone from a VJR.  Let’s see, 6V6 tone without modifying the Valve Junior?  Not possible, right?  Well, yes and no.  You can get damn close without putting that bulky tube in your VJR. Check out the B-2 Board and see how you can get round warm 6V6 power tube tone without violating the Valve Junior’s virginity.

    Spring reverb anyone?  Designing spring reverb to fit into the small VJR head cabinet and the combo without oscillations and interference is no easy task.  In fact, it's down right hard!  Which would explain why there has been little done for spring reverb in the vast world of VJR modifications.  Spring reverb in such a small space is really asking for trouble, but I worked through all of those pesky problems and have a design that works great with the VJR.  I thought about going with one of the digital reverb modules, but did not like the harsh overdriven limited sterile sound, and since the power supply has to be modified anyway, why not go for the gold...spring reverb!  And let's face it, you just can't beat springs for reverb!  Add that two-dimensional 60's reverb sound you have been craving to your VJR and check out our spring reverb modification.

     Would it be great if you could get that cool retro all tube vibrato tone built into your Valve Junior?  Well, now you can.  Check the all tube Vibrato Module at the Tube Vibrato page.

    Adjustable fixed-bias is normally associated with bigger amplifiers and so were the benefits, until now.  Not many people are aware they can have this performance enhancing modification for their low-power amp.  An absolute must for Blues Junior!  Check out the Adjustable Fixed-Bias page to see if your amp could benefit from adjustable fixed-bias.

    Do you want monster huge tone without altering your amplifier?  Then put the Tungsten Tone pedal in front of it and drive it into the tonal nirvana you have been looking for.  Or, plug into Her Majesty’s Secret Service pedal and achieve classic british distortion in no time flat!    Tone you can sink your teeth into is just a footswitch away at Tungsten Tone and Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

    Looking for more control over your tone and amplifier?  I have developed custom footswitches to take control of your tone, amp, and effects.  Check out our Foot Switches.

    The loudest 5 watts you will ever hear is often heard in the 5 watt tube amp circles.  Sometimes the 5 watts can alienate those closest to you.  The problem is your going to have to move that chicken-head to about 25 - 30% to maintain the peace, but you lost that rich distortion the power tube provides.  If you still want the thick rich sweet output tube distortion in your tone and maintain your standing with those closest to you, then check out Power Attenuators.

    Although not a tube amp,  Rockman products have been around for a long time and have contributed to some of the best guitar tracks recorded.  I repair a lot of these well designed products and have been a fan of them since their release.  Check out the new Rockman Solutions page for further information. 

    If your not comfortable with doing modifications (It’s not a crime) I can take your amp to the next level for you.  There are lethal voltages in there that can easily take your life, and there are gifted guitar players who are not so gifted with a soldering iron, or believe soldering is done with a blow torch. Whatever your reason, I can do it for you.


    I also practice in the black art of amplifier redesign and makeovers. Basically, I gut most of the chassis leaving only the power transformer and the chassis. I design and build a customized circuit, turret board, face plate, and carefully select the output transformer to meet our tone requirements for a completely different sound and look. It’s not cheap, but if your looking for your own signature tone and personalized look from 5 watts of pure class A glass goodness or 15 watts of pure A/B goodness, then you get what you pay for.  Check out the FAT BOY 5.  I only had enough unique material to build only a handful of these, seven to be precise.  I did keep the prototype for myself.  Please e-mail: b5amps@me.com for more info and and how to order Price List for pricing.


tone enhancement solutions to better your tone

    B5 Amplification caters to low-power tube amp and pedal owners who want more from their amps, pedals, and equipment.  Whether single-ended or push-pull, ranging from modification modules, custom turret board design & fabrication, spring reverb, tube and solid-state tremolo systems, switching systems , power tube bias options, auxiliary power supplies,, custom boutique pedals, and footswitches.  I have added some new designs and I’m constantly working on better ways to improve the tone of just about any amp, pedal, or anything a guitar plugs into.

    There is a revolution going on in the low-power tube amp world and rightfully so. They are popular, plentiful, easy to modify, and ooze sweet tone with some good design. Don’t be left behind with subpar modifications. Join the revolution! My philosophy is simple: Low-power amplifiers have great potential and their size or power shouldn’t limit them to “small amp” features. Please feel free to contact me to help you achieve all your tone goals at: b5amps@me.com

    WELCOME... The Vox Night Train series to the B5 list of tone enhancments.  These heads are cool without a doubt. But, like a lot of massed produced amps, they stand to gain from some improvements.  Check out the new Night Train 15 Switching System and other tone improvements on the Vox Night Train modification page.

  The Blues Junior page has been updated.  With the advent of the FAT Pill and the Super Switch, Blues Junior owners are discovering a whole new dimension with their amp. The FAT Pill is the answer to the FAT circuit’s biggest problem and Super Switch is the ultimate footswitch Blues Junior owners have been asking for.  The Easy Bias Module adds adjustable fixed-bias capability to the amp without drilling into the frail Printed Circuit Board. 

    The Rockman Solutions page has been updated.  The B5 Embedded Power Supply (EPS) is the solution to the +30 year old army of “Rockadaptors” and Regulated Power Supplies riddled with AC ripple and bad output voltages.  I’m also pleased to announce I am now repairing “Rockadaptors” for those who wish to keep there headphone amp stock.             

  Rockman products have been lying down huge tone for over 30 years. I repair a lot of these great products and if you have any of them, it’s high time to have some critical maintenance  performed to keep them churning out larger than life tone for the next 30+ years!

  The S.S. Tremolo is finally here!  It’s the sweetest and smoothest tremolo for the Valve Junior or any tube amp.  Even better, it does not require an additional tube! I have installed this tremolo in Valve Juniors while doing spring reverb installations and the customer reviews have been outstanding! This unique tremolo is a complete departure from the traditional “clamping” method and is smooth as silk!


  The Marshall Class 5 amp is a great amp!  So much that I’m working on some prototype pedals just for the Class 5.  It takes some hard-right rudder on the  Class 5‘s volume control to get that plexi tone though.  So, I’m looking to achieve the plexi crunch sooner rather than later without altering the Class 5’s DNA.  Stay tuned!

The B-12 Boost pedal. Engage the foot-switch and open your amp to a clean, clear, and transparent boost when you want to propagate your tone without influencing your amplifier’s overall tone, while elevating your amp for everyone around you to take notice.  


    Her Majesty’s Secret Service pedal.  A distortion pedal voiced to ring that classic United Kingdom tone even through the most mundane amp! You won’t spend too much time trying to tweak that perfect tone you want because it just has a volume knob, a true-bypass foot switch, and a status LED.  No gain or tone controls to bog you down. It’s pure and simple UK tone at the tap of a foot switch. Check out Her Majesty’s Secret Service for a sound clip. God save the queen!

    The Tungsten Tone pedal now sports the TK-421 modification. I cannot claim credit for the name of that mod. I heard it in one of my favorite movies. So, why not make it a real modification for an awesome pedal. The TK-421 mod is a variation of the Tungsten Tone pedal that is certainly worth checking out at Tungsten Tone.


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